1. V každé větě je jedna chyba. Najděte ji a opravte.

1. She will must come to the meeting today.

2. Why isn't he still here?

3. Everything is all ready.

4. She wasn't able prepare everything.

5. What are you looking?

6. I don't get up before 6.30 in weekdays.

7. What is happened?

8. I'll do my homework when I will get home.

9. Let's go buy shopping to the new department store.

10. I'm not interested in it. Neither do I.

11. I speak English quiet well.

12. We are going to arrive at school soon as possible.

13. How long has she know them?

14. Do you mind if open the window?

15. The plane arrives to Prague before eight.


2. Z každé dvojice vyberte větu bez chyby.


1. a) Do you think could you do it next week?

     b) Do you think we could finish it this week?

2.  a) She may not come to the meeting.

     b) She mustn't to come to the meeting.

3. a) He need to do his homework.  

    b) I must finish my homework by 2 p.m.

4. a) We needn't hurry. There is plenty of time to do it.

    b) I didn't need that work to finish.

5. a) I maybe will not come tomorrow.  

    b) They may not complete it on time.

6. a) Aren't they ready yet?  

    b) Is it too late, isn't it?

7. a) They decided not to leave Prague immediately.  

    b) They decided to leave from Prague today.

8. a) I will like to finish reading this magazine now.  

    b) I enjoy reading books in English.


3. Dosaďte 1-10 k a-j .


1. She is looking forward                         a) apart after one week.

2. Robert comes                                      b) for being late again.

3. William broke                                       c) yesterday's party.

4. She is coming                                      d) off the table.

5. It depends                                            e) to her summer holiday.

6. Everything fell                                      f) back on Tuesday.

7. The glass fell                                        g) on many different things.

8. You must fill                                         h) up with Jane last week.

9. They will never forget                           i) from Edinburgh.

10. You must forgive me                          j) in this registration form.




4. Doplňte správně sloveso – spravný čas (průběhový nebo prostý). Sloveso může byt také infinitiv včetně „to“.


Find – hear – know – learn – tell – expect – have – educate – bring – sound


1. They hardly _____________ each other.

2. It _____________ like a good idea.

3. She has _____________ him nothing about it at all.

4. We will _____________ a five minute break.

5. She _____________ up five children.

6. I have _____________ about it recently.

7. He was _____________ at Oxford University.

8. It takes much longer than I _____________ .

9. Have you _____________ of semiotics?

10. She doesn't _____________ it very useful.